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Passport Pics

A substantial amount of photographs are rejected due to specifications set by the Passports Agency. This leads to delays in processing your application for a Jamaican Passport.  It is recommended that you follow the guidelines below to ensure the submission of correct photographs.


Applicants are required to submit two(2) identical copies of a professional produced photograph from the same film, taken not more than six(6) months prior to the application.


  • The photos should be taken in colour with a matte/dull finish, against a plain background.
  • Applicants of light complexion should avoid wearing white clothing and should have the photos taken against a pastel background. (Pale in colour)
  • Applicants of dark complexion should wear coloured clothing and photos taken against a white background.
  • Applicants with grey/white hair should have photos taken against a pale blue or grey background.
  • There should be no eyeglasses and no background shadows.
  • Excessive light reflection on image is unacceptable.
  • Light distribution should be even throughout photograph.
  • Photographs should provide a full frontal view of the head, neck and top of shoulders with ears clearly visible as much as possible.
  • Photographs should display appropriately clad images; exposed shoulders and chest are to be avoided.
  • Applicants should wear no head covering. However, applicants who must wear headgear for religious reasons must indicate their religion at Section H.
  • Size of face should be 25mm to 35mm, from the chin to top of head.
  • There should be a margin of 3mm to mm between the head and the edge of the photograph.
  • The photographs should be of high resolution quality.
  • Only one (1) photograph should be notarised – no embossed/raised seal.
  • Please have photographs taken at a professional photo studio.


Common avoidable photographs errors

Please avoid the following:

Embossed seal affixed to photos.
Too much contrast. Shadow behind ears and head.
Hands in picture (Baby photo)
Glare on face. (Too much light on face)
Head not square (Leaning to one side)
Facial features not clearly visible. (Ears not visible, hair in face)
Uneven distribution of light. (One side of face is darker than the other side)
Height of face in photo incorrect.
Open mouth, smiling or frowning.
Poor digital quality photographs.