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Government Ministries


Office of the Prime Minister                                                                   www.opm.gov.jm

Office of the Cabinet                                                                                www.cabinet.gov.jm

Ministry of Foreign Affairs & Foreign Trade                                         www.mfaft.gov.jm

Ministry of Justice                                                                                     www.moj.gov.jm

Ministry of Finance & Planning                                                              www.mof.gov.jm

Ministry of National Security                                                                   www.mns.gov.jm

Ministry of Education                                                                                www.moe.gov.jm

Ministry of Industry, Investment & Commerce                                     www.miic.gov.jm

Ministry of Science Technology, Energy & Mining                               www.men.gov.jm

Ministry of Tourism & Entertainment                                                     www.mot.gov.jm

Ministry of Agriculture & Fisheries                                                         www.moa.gov.jm

Ministry of Water, Land, Environment & Climate Change                  www.mwh.gov.jm

Ministry of Labour & Social Security                                                       www.mlss.gov.jm

Ministry of Health                                                                                       www.moh.gov.jm

Ministry of Youth & Culture                                                                       www.opm.gov.jm/ministries/youth-culture

Ministry of Transport, Works & Housing                                               www.mtw.gov.jm

Ministry of Local Government & Community Development              www.localgovjamaica.gov.jm