Police Certificate

Police Record From Jamaica

Procedure for persons residing Overseas

  1. Two (2) recent passport size photographs (must not be certified, or embossed)
  2. Submit a set of his/her fingerprints which mus be signed and stamped by the police or a reputable agency- the name of the person taking the fingergprints must be clearly stated on the document.
  3. Supply certified copy of passport (data page).
  4. Letter stating the need/reason for the police record.


Services offered:-

  1. Next Day Service – Eight Thousand Dollars (JA$8,000).
  2. Express Service – Five (5) Working Days from the date of receipt of application – Six Thousand Dollars (JA$6,000).
  3. Normal Service – Twenty-one (21) Working Days from the date of receipt of application – Three Thousand Dollars (JA$3,000).

An International Money Order or Bank Draft for the respective fee should be made payable to the Assistant Commissioner of Police in charge Criminal Investigation Branch.

The application should be forwarded to:-

Senior Superintendent of Police
i/c Technical Services Division
34 Duke Street
Kingston C.S.O.
Jamaica West Indies

N.B. – The next day service is offered only at Technical Services Division, 34 Duke Street, Kingston.


Expungement of Criminal Record

Make an application on the prescribed form obtained from the Ministry of Justice, 2 Oxford Road, Kingston 5; supplying the following information:-

• Full name
• Date of Birth
• Offence Convicted for
• Court convicted
• Date of Conviction

NB. Application must be accompanied by a set of fingerprints for the applicants. A fee of Three Thousand Dollars (JA$3,000) is required to be paid at the Inland Revenue Department (Tax Office). 

Spent: The Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1988 makes provision for an individual who has been convicted and have successfully completed his/her rehabilitation period in accordance with the act, such a conviction is “spent” i.e. he/she can receive a “clean record”.

Example #1

A person convicted for an offence and was sentenced to pay a fine (sentence imposed does not include imprisonment).

Example #2

A person convicted for an offence and sent to prison the rehabilitation period are as follows:

  • One (1) day to six (6) months = five (5) years.
  • Six (6) months not exceeding eighteen (18) months = (8) years.
    Eighteen (18) months but not exceeding three (3) years = ten (10) years.

NB. The rehabilitation period applicable to an offence commences from the date of the termination of the sentence of imprisonment or the payment of the fine or the compliance with any condition imposed in respect of that offence.

The application along with the supporting documents must be forwarded to:

Criminal Records (Rehabilitation of Offenders) Board
Ministry of Justice
NCB Towers, South Towers
P.O. Box 467
2 Oxford Road
Kingston 5
Jamaica West Indies.

Any clarification please contact 922-0125, 922-6214 or 922-3221.