Renewal of Passport (Minors)

Applicants must submit the following documents:

  • Completed passport application form

  • Two (2) identical non digitized colour photographs one of which should be certified by the Notary Public who signs Section G

  • Expired Passport

  • Original Birth Certificate

  • Letter of Certificate of Citizenship, if born abroad

  • Original Adoption Register, where applicable

  • Parent’s ID/Legal Guardian’s ID

  • (along with letter of guardianship for the latter)


Instructions on completing the passport application form for renewal (Minor)

In order to make sure your application is not delayed because of mistakes, please follow the below instructions.

The Passport Immigration and Citizenship Agency (PICA) is able to issue secure passport to Jamaicans largely because of the accuracy of the information YOU provide.  If any of the information that is asked for is false or missing, your application will be delayed or be referred for further review and investigation.  These precise requirements help PICA ensure that the right passport is issued to the right person.

Section A: must be fully completed by all applicants.

Section B: Should be left blank

Page 2: The minor must sign inside the signature box, without signature touching the lines of the box. (If the minor is under the age of 12 years, a signature is not required).

Section C: must be fully completed and date affixed by the Parent or Legal Guardian of the minor in question.  The same Parent/Legal guardian is required to sign Sections C and E ensuring both signature samples are closely identical to each other. N.B. Also, the Parent/Legal Guardian’s signature at Sections C and E must be closely identical to the signature reflected on the identification being presented.

Section D: make sure the correct information is supplied for your most recent passport: Passport No, Date of Issue and, Place of Issue.  

Section E:

  • Tick “?” the second box bearing the inscription “All previous passports granted to me have been surrendered…
  • The Parent/Legal Guardian is required to sign Section E. When signing at Section E, the signature must be closely identical to the signature at Section C AND both signatures at Section C and E must be closely identical to the signature on the Identification being presented.
  • Make sure you indicate the date on which you completed the application form.

Section F: Two emergency contacts must be supplied, one of which must be in the country your reside.

Section G: Must be completed and stamped by a Notary Public.  The same Notary Public must certify the back of one your passport photographs (NO EMBOSSED SEAL).  The Notary Public need not be personally known to you. N.B. If the applicant appears in person, then it is not required to have Section G or the photograph completed and certified by  a Notary Public.

Section H: Must be completed if you’re required to wear head covering for religious purposes.

Section I: Must be completed by all applicants born outside of Jamaica.